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- is an official distributor of MTU Friedrichshafen GmbH, ZF Marine, industrial and marine engines, SISU Diesel, ROLLS-ROYCE water jet’s, SDMO gensets and Fire Pro Extinguishing aerosol systems in the Baltic states. Last ten years, we, in close cooperation with all these companies, have been covering the Baltic region market.

This region has its specifics as it consists of three different countries with their own languages. Baltic Marine group has a big service center in Tallinn, Estonia with all relevant equipment and trained personnel where already more than 200 engines have been serviced. Railway rolling stock repair and maintenance.

Our major customers:
Estonia: Tallink, Estonian Naval Forces, Estonian Coast Guard, Estonian Pilot, Estonian Maritime Board, Edelaraudtee
Latvia: Latvian Railway, Latvian Coast Guard, Latvian Naval Forces, Latvian Pilot
Lithuania: Lithuanian Railway, Lithuanian Coast Guard, Lithuanian Naval Forces, Lithuanian Pilot.


The Baltic Marine Group marine and industrial department -

Baltic Marine Group

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