The product portfolio offered by MTU Onsite Energy includes standardised and tailor-made diesel gensets for emergency, base load and peak load power generation and for cogeneration plants for the generation of combined heat and power based on gas engines.



MTU Onsite Energy is one of the world‘s leading providers of diesel and gas systems based on diesel and gas engines. High-Performance. Global. Reliable.





MTU Onsite Energy provides custom-made system solutions – from order and project management to completion of the turnkey system, from engineering to service. Flexible. Customer-Centric. Cooperative.





MTU Onsite Energy is an innovative leader in intelligent and future-oriented energy systems at the highest technological level. We are setting the standards for diesel and gas engine systems. Intelligent. Open. Fascinating.




Climate-neutral, regenerative energy sources will continue to play an increasingly important role in our future. MTU Onsite Energy is taking on the responsibility for tomorrow’s needs with innovative solutions for a better and more sustainable energy supply. Environmentally conscious. Efficient. Trustworthy.


MTU Onsite Energy diesel generator sets provide reliable solutions for your power generation needs. Featuring low fuel consumption, long service intervals and low emissions backed by more than 60 years of experience, our generator sets are designed to perform. 



Standby Applications


Gensets from this application group are used wherever power outages put lives at risk, result in economic loss or where an emergency power supply is required by law: in the  healthcare sector, at  airports, in  industrial facilities,  data centers or  power plants.   

The aim is to maintain power supply in the event of a mains failure by using a standby genset. To provide optimum solutions for the varying requirements, MTU Onsite Energy differentiates between various types of emergency gensets. All of them exceed the specifications required by the applicable ISO rule.



Prime Applications


Diesel Generator sets from this application group are designed to operate for long periods. They are primarily used in remote locations such as oil and gas facilities, mines and on construction sites, which have no access to the publicgrid. Prime Power generator sets are also used when the amount of power that can be drawn from the grid is limited.



Continuous Power


Diesel Generator sets from this application group are designed for long-term usage with a constant load. They are primarily used for the base load generation of electricity, in remote locations with limited access to the public grid. They can operate as island, island-parallel or grid-parallel applications.




Backed by decades of experience and complete system expertise, MTU Onsite Energy provides reliable gas generator sets for a wide variety of applications. Industries and locations may vary, but the need for constant power never changes. 


Whether it’s continuous, standby or prime power, power generation or combined heat and power production (CHP), MTU Onsite Energy gas generator sets are effective, dependable and configured to meet your exact requirement.



Economical. Reliable. Sustainable.


MTU Onsite Energy's natural gas generator sets are cutting-edge technology that offer combined heat and power (CHP), and combined heat, power and cooling (CHPC) solutions to generate power. Our products combine the highest performance with the lowest emissions in the 120 kW - 2.500 kW electrical power range. 


Therefore, our natural gas powered CHP systems represent the  ideal solution for multiple applications:

  • Public buildings and residential utilities

  • Industrial & Manufacturing

  • Mission critical applications


Today and in the future, our focus is on developing and implementing system solutions for producing energy from climate-neutral regenerative fuels: such as combined heat and power systems (CHP) for biogas. 


The principle of a CHP system based on biogas is simple: biogas is generated during fermentation of organic material and collected. It is then used by a cogeneration system to create heat and power to be used locally or fed into the national power grid (as provided for by the Renewable Energy Act in Germany). The generated heat can be used during fermentation processes or to heat commercial buildings or residential areas.  

Our biogas powered CHP systems represent the ideal solution for multiple applications:

  • Agricultural farms

  • Sewage and water treatment

  • Landfills



Baltic Marine Group operates a parts warehouse with thousands unique spare parts stocked daily. Our parts specialists are well trained and have knowledge to deal with your inquiries.


Whether you can bring your engine to our workshop or you need our technician to visit your power plant, office building, hospital or data center to fix your genset it doesn’t matter to us. We operate a complete engine workshop able to repair the MTU engines as well as have a group of mobile van-based highly skilled service technicians who can visit your vessel at any port within the Baltic States.


We are taking the task of improving our skills very seriously therefore our personnel is annually taking part of in-depth technical trainings at MTU Friedrichshafen. 



Conatus Bioenergy SIA

Liepkalni, Latvia, agricultural biogas power plant with electrical output 2330 kW. 

2 x MTU 12V4000 L62 FB biogas engines.

SIA “DLRR Energija"

Daugavpils, Latvia, co-generation plant with electrical output 1712 kW and heat output up to 1958 kW. 

Equipment delivery and basic engineering.

1 x MTU 16V4000 L63 natural gas engine.

SIA “Cefus"

Daugavpils, Latvia, co-generation plant with electrical output 3960 kW and heat output up to 8300 kW. 

EPC contract.

4 x MTU 12V4000 L62 natural gas engines.

SIA “Latneftegaz"

Daugavpils, Latvia, co-generation plant with electrical output 3960 kW and heat output up to 8300 kW. 

EPC contract.

4 x MTU 12V4000 L62 natural gas engines.

SIA “Latneftegaz"

Daugavpils, Latvia, co-generation plant with electrical output 3896 kW and heat output up to 4312 kW. 

EPC contract.

2 x MTU 20V4000 L62 natural gas engines.

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